Stewardesses Boards Mission Statement

We, the Stewardesses of St. Luke A.M.E. Church, will do our part to help maintain the holiness and sacredness of the Holy Communion and the Baptism Services.  We will assist with weddings and funerals as the tasks mandate.

Motto: “Hand in Hand we shall work together for the Lord”


  • To work together to help relieve suffering and oppression within and outside our church family.
  • In a spirit of unity and solidarity plan and execute special projects together.
  • To provide training sessions for all stewardesses which will provide an opportunity for spiritual growth and development.
  • To develop a cohesive and effective network of communication between the boards.


Thelma A. Swygert

Leatha Parker



Stewardesses Board #1

Thelma A. Swygert

Clara Purdie

Stewardesses Board #2

Patricia Harvey

Ethell McNeill

Stewardesses Board # 3

Sharon Hickman

Gwen Washington

Stewardess Board #4

Shirley Thompson

Shirley Mack

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