The basis mission of the Church Stewards is to reconcile lost people unto God themselves and their fellow man through Christ Jesus. To save the lost in the aim __________salvation of the Church in order to carry out this mission the church Stewards provides activities and provide service administered by the Church as commanded by Jesus.

Members of the Steward Board

Pastor David L. Morrison, Sr., Chief Steward

Garfield Griffin - Chairperson, Pro-Tem

Michael Kerr- Pastorís Steward

Betty Parker- Secretary

Steward Board # One

Shirley Thompson

James A. Washington

Eugene Oliver

Darlene Smith

Barbara Stephens

John Chance

Alexander Parker

Mary Johnson

Ethell McNeill

Eliza Chance

Nelson Russell

Barbra Parker

Sandra Adaway

Cynthia Billops

Wanette Walke

Steward Board # two

Wilhelmina McDonald

Jackie Santana

Archie McMillan

Sametris McKenney

Cleo Crouch

Berneice Johnson

Sam McKenney, III

Sterling Brewer

Joseph Johnson

William McNair

Angela Ingram Johnsoleo

Ed Bailey

Darryl Washington

Sondra McMillan Jones


Miles Austin

Ernest Mitchell

Joe Jenkins

Mildred Jones

Eula Kerr-McKoy

Catherine Leavy

Carrie Hill

Goals of the Stewards


  • Continue to accept souls coming to Christ on a daily basis.
  • Try to persuade all members to tithe.
  • Improve on our financial management or some of the short range goals.  The long range goals are to pay off the mortgage of the church.


Scripture Reference for the Stewards:  And the Lord said, who then is that faithful and wise steward, whom his Lord shall make ruler over his household, to gain them their portion of ___________in due session                 St. Luke 12:42

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